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7 Best Hotels in Toledo Spain With Free Parking

Almost all travel experts agree that the only way to truly experience everything that Toledo has to offer is to stay overnight. While there are many top rated hotels ready to accommodate your stay, finding a hotel here that offers free parking can be challenging. While there are no hotels inside the historic city that […]


How Do I Get from Cordoba to Toledo?

The best way to experience Spain is to visit as many cities as you possibly can fit into your schedule. Quite often people choose to see Cordoba during their journey, and then they want to travel to Toledo next and see the incredible sights there as well. I was recently asked by a reader how […]

A Madrid to Toledo tour bus parked in Toledo Spain

How do you get from Madrid to Toledo?

Toledo’s close proximity to Madrid gives visitors several options for traveling to Toledo. In short, you can get from Madrid to Toledo by train, by bus, or by car. Let’s look into each of those ways and the pros and/or cons of each. Travel to Toledo by Train If you are adventurous and prefer more […]

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50 Best Things to Do in Toledo Spain

Are you planning a trip to Toledo and trying to decide what things to do while you are here? Toledo is absolutely loaded with things to see and do, from well-known tourist attractions to lesser-known spots frequented by locals. For that reason, I highly recommend that you stay overnight in Toledo to maximize your experience. […]

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10 of the Best Restaurants in Toledo Spain

Toledo offers visitors a wide assortment of dining experiences. From the typical regional and local dishes to Michelin starred restaurants, you will not be disappointed with the food in Toledo. Let’s take a closer look at the restaurants in Toledo. I would recommend that you use an app called TheFork as an easy way to […]


How long to stay in Toledo?

A day trip? Or stay the night? How long to stay? Toledo’s proximity to Madrid makes it an ideal day trip for most people. In fact, more than 2 million people visit Toledo each year. Most day-trippers arrive by train or bus and follow a predetermined list of things they want to see, do, and […]


When is the best time to visit Toledo?

While planning for your trip to Toledo, one of the first things you are probably researching is when is the best time to visit? Toledo, like all tourist destinations, has a peak and off-peak season. Peak season means that there will be more people visiting, and prices might be higher for your airfare and hotel […]

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5 Travel Accessory “Must-Haves”

A Travel Wallet (preferably with RFID blocking) The fear of being pickpocketed and losing your money as well as you passport and other valuables is probably one of the things travelers feel the most anxious about. The phrase “out of sight out of mind” is true when it comes to traveling. And keeping your valuables […]


What is the weather like in Toledo Spain?

The summer months The summer months, which I consider to be June, July, and August are naturally the hottest months of the year here in Toledo. But let’s face it. It is probably hot in the summer where you live, and it is hot during the summer in Toledo as well. Toledo, and Madrid as […]