7 Best Hotels in Toledo Spain With Free Parking

Almost all travel experts agree that the only way to truly experience everything that Toledo has to offer is to stay overnight. While there are many top rated hotels ready to accommodate your stay, finding a hotel here that offers free parking can be challenging.

While there are no hotels inside the historic city that offer free parking, there are several hotels located nearby that do.

Hotels that offer free parking in Toledo are:

  • Parador de Toledo
  • Hotel Beatriz Toledo Auditorium & Spa
  • Los Cigarrales
  • Cigarral El Bosque
  • Cigarral de Caravantes
  • AC Hotel Ciudad de Toledo
  • Hotel Abaceria

1. Parador de Toledo


Cerro del Emperador s/n, 45002 Toledo, Spain

The Parador de Toledo is one of the ninety-four locations of the Paradores de Turismo de EspaƱa, which is a chain of Spanish luxury hotels that are run by the government.

It sits across the river valley and offers some of the best views of Toledo. It is located in a quiet area known as the Cigarrales, and it used to be a huge country house that was very typical of the Toledo countryside.

Not only does the Parador have free parking, but what really sets it apart is the hilltop panoramic view of historic Toledo.

Free parking lot at the Parador de Toledo

Things to know

Being that this hotel is located about 2.4 miles outside of town, you will have to either walk or take a taxi when you want to visit the historic city center. I would recommend taking a taxi to the old town and saving your energy to enjoy sightseeing.

2. Hotel Beatriz Toledo Auditorium & Spa


Calle Concilios de Toledo S/N, 45005 Toledo, Spain

Hotel Beatriz Toledo

Things to know

This hotel is located about 1.2 miles from the historic area of Toledo, and it takes approximately 5 minutes to reach the historic area by taxi. Also, this hotel hosts a lot of business conferences.

3. Los Cigarrales


Carretera Circunvalacion 32, 45004 Toledo, Spain

Los Cigarrales Hotel in Toledo Spain

Los Cigarrales is located across the river valley, and it is on the western side of the historic city. Originally a large country home that was typical of the area, it was converted to a modern hotel and is now a family run business.

Points of interests on the western side of Toledo include the San Martin Bridge and the Jewish Quarter, and both are about a .5 mile distance from the hotel.

Things to know

The hotel is about a 15 walk to the San Martin Bridge, and a 25 minute walk to the public escalators located on the western side of the city.

4. Cigarral El Bosque


Carretera Navalpino s/n, 45004 Toledo, Spain

Cigarral El Bosque Hotel overlooking the city of Toledo Spain

5. Cigarral de Caravantes


Carretera Circunvalacion 2, 45004 Toledo, Spain

View of the Alcazar from Cigarral de Caravantes in Toledo Spain

6. AC Hotel Ciudad de Toledo


Carretera Circunvalacion 15, 45004 Toledo, Spain

7. Hotel Abaceria


Camino Pontezuelas 8, 45004 Toledo, Spain

Hotel Abaceria dining terrace Toledo Spain