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Free things to do in Toledo Spain

Whether you are backpacking with a limited budget, or visiting the city on a day trip, there are ways you can save money and still experience this ancient walled city. Let’s take a look at some free things to do in Toledo Spain. Take an incredible bridge walk If you have the time, and the […]


Avoid the Crowds in Toledo

The Crowds With more than 2 million tourists each year, the small cobblestone streets of Toledo’s historic city center can become jammed with throngs and throngs of people filling its streets. And with Toledo offering so many monuments, museums, and beautiful architecture to photograph, it can be nearly impossible to take a photo that is […]

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5 Tips to Avoid Pickpockets

A primary concern for travelers is safety. Although Toledo is a safe city, as in any city, the most common problem that tourists experience is petty theft. And if you are not prepared and you’re not constantly on guard, you’ll have something stolen from you. Purse-snatching and pickpocketing are rampant in places where tourists gather. […]


10 things you didn´t know about Plaza de Zocodover

1. It has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times throughout its history. Fire has destroyed Plaza de Zocodover multiple times in its history. Destructive fires occured in 1585, 1589, and 1641. The most recent and unfortunate fire and destruction occurred during the Spanish Civil War. In 1936 much of the plaza was damaged and destroyed […]


Get Away From the Tourists and Enjoy the Nature of Toledo

About 2 million people visit Toledo Spain each year, and sometimes the narrow cobblestone streets can become nearly impassable due to the shear amount of visitors in the Casco Historico (Historic Quarter). A nice escape from this, and one of the best ways to see a different perspective of  Toledo  is to walk its ecological path […]


Travel Tip: Basic Safety Guidelines For Tourists

Is Spain a safe country? In general terms, Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe. As in any country, there are some basic safety guidelines… We recommend avoiding isolated or badly lit places, and street gambling. It’s a good idea to carry only the money you need for each outing. Be alert in […]


Hospital de Tavera (Hospital de San Juan Bautista)

Located just a 10 minute walk outside the city walls, Hospital de Tavera (Hospital of San Juan Bautista) is one of the most beautiful and representative monuments of the Spanish Renaissance. In addition, it exhibits, in a palatial environment, an extraordinary pictorial, sculptural and furniture collection of the Golden Age and the only hospital pharmacy […]

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Best Scenic viewpoints of Toledo Spain

Mirador del Valle  The view of Toledo from the Mirador del Valle is one of the most recognizable panoramas of the city. From this vantage point, you look across the Valley of Toledo and the Tagus River, and the city is framed with its characteristic profile anchored by the Alcazar on the right and the […]


Where is the Tuesday street market in Toledo?

  Street markets have been an important part of Toledo since ancient times.  El Mercardo de Martes (The Tuesdays Market) has been in operation since the Muslim era and is mentioned in historical documents dated from the year 1176.   On April 21 1465 king Enrique IV declared that on every Tuesday of the year, there will be a free (no tax […]