Where to buy Marzipan in Toledo Spain

If you love eating sweets, or if you have a family member that love sweets, then your taste buds will be delighted that you are planning a trip to Toledo.

And after researching and planning your trip, you have no doubt seen and read all about a delicious treat call marzipan, and you are now wondering “where to buy marzipan in Toledo Spain?” Marzipan can be purchased at many traditional local bakeries and convents in the historic city.

Let’s take a closer look at the locations where you can buy marzipan in Toledo.

Traditional bakeries that sell marzipan

San Telesforo

Cuesta Alcázar, 6, 45001 Toledo

Marzipan for sale at San Telesforo, located at Zocodover Plaza Toledo Spain

The San Telesforo pastry shop has been producing amazing marzipan, cakes and other sweet treats since 1806.

They make and sell a lot of marzipan. And by a lot I mean tons. In fact they make and sell 25 tons of marzipan a year. That’s 10 tons of almonds, 12 tons of sugar, and 3 tons of fillings. And 60% of their marzipan is sold during the Christmas season.

Chocolate sweets for sale at San Telesforo Toledo Spain
San Telesforo Toledo Spain

Santo Tome

Santo Tome Toledo Spain

Plaza Zocodover, 7, 45001 Toledo

San Jorge

Plaza de Valdecaleros, 8, 45002 Toledo

Mazapanes Conde

C/ Fuente Nueva, local 13, 45006 Toledo

Convents that make and sell marzipan

1. Convento de Jesus y Maria – Avda. de Francia, 5, 45005 Toledo

Specialties: Coconut cookies, marzipan fish and ‘perrunillas’.

2. Convento de la Concepcion Agustina – C/ Gaitanas, 4, 45002 Toledo

Specialties: ‘Gaitanitas’,supreme marzipan and ‘delicias’.

3. Convento de San Antonio de Padua – C/ Santo Tomé, 27, 45002 Toledo

Specialties: Almond heart pastries, orange juice, donuts and marzipan covered with crunchy chocolate.

4. Imperial Monasterio de San Clemente – C/ San Clemente, 2 / Plaza Padilla, 45002 Toledo

Specialties: Almond pastries, pine nut pastries, and marzipan ‘delicias’.

5. Convento  de Santo Domingo de silos “El Antiguo” – Plaza de Santo Domingo “El Antiguo”, 45002 Toledo

Specialties: tea pastries, ‘castañitas’ (shaped marzipan covered with chocolate) and ‘pasta bonita’.

6. Convento de Comendadoras Del Apostol Santiago – Cobertizos, 6, 45002 Toledo

Specialities: lemon sponge cake, muffins with olive oil and cardamom, flowers pastries.

7. Covento de San Jose – Plaza Santa Teresa, 2 45002 Toledo

Specialties: handmade orange, strawberry, peach and pear jams. In summer, fig jam is also available.

8. Convento de Santa Isabel de los Reyes – Plaza de Santa Isabel, 4

Specialties: anise and lemon pastries, ‘abanicos’ and ‘cachitos’.


Traditional bakeries that make and sell Marzipan

9. Obrador de Mazapan Santo Tome – C/ Santo Tomé, 3, 45002 Toledo

Specialties: marzipan delights, marzipan gurines and ‘princesitas’.

10. Obrador San Jorge – C/ Fuente Nueva, local 13, 45006 Toledo

Specialties: “ponche” from Toledo, marzipan delights and San Marcos cake.

11. Obrador Mazapanes Conde – Plaza de Valdecaleros, 8, 45002 Toledo

Specialties: pastries from Toledo, almond pastries and classic marzipan.

where to buy marzipan toledo spain

Related Questions

Is Mazapan and Marzipan the Same Thing?

Yes, Mazapan and Marzipan are the same thing. Mazapan is the spanish spelling, and Marzipan is the english spelling. So when you visit Toledo and search for a place to buy marzipan, look for the stores that advertise mazapan.

When do people eat Marzipan?

Marzipan is a dessert that you can enjoy year round, but it is traditionally associated with the Christmas season in Toledo. More than half of all marizipan produced and sold in Toledo is during the Christmas season.

Are any other products made of marzipan?

It is common to see marzipan formed into imitations of fruits, vegetables as well as flowers. It also can be rolled into cookies or into thin sheets to be glazed and used to cover birthday and wedding cakes. In Toledo, it is very common to see all of these marzipan products for sale in the display cases.

Where can I buy marzipan online?

Maybe you already ate all the marzipan that you bought while you were visiting Toledo (don’t blame you – it is delicious after all!) or you are just curious to know how marzipan tastes but you are not yet planning to visit soon.

You can find marzipan from Spain online, and for less than $10 you can purchase Sanchis Mira Figuritas de Mazapan over on Amazon and have it shipped directly to you.