How to Get From Toledo to Cordoba?

The best way to experience Spain is to visit as many cities as you possibly can fit into your schedule. Quite often people choose to see Cordoba during their journey, and then they want to travel to Toledo next and see the incredible sights there as well. I was recently asked by a reader how […]

A Madrid to Toledo tour bus parked in Toledo Spain

How do you get from Madrid to Toledo?

Toledo’s close proximity to Madrid gives visitors several options for traveling to Toledo. In short, you can get from Madrid to Toledo by train, by bus, or by car. Let’s look into each of those ways and the pros and/or cons of each. Travel to Toledo by Train If you are adventurous and prefer more […]


How long to stay in Toledo?

A day trip? Or stay the night? How long to stay? Toledo’s proximity to Madrid makes it an ideal day trip for most people. In fact, more than 2 million people visit Toledo each year. Most day-trippers arrive by train or bus and follow a predetermined list of things they want to see, do, and […]


When is the Best Season to Visit Toledo Spain?

While planning for your trip to Toledo, one of the first things you are probably researching is when is the best time to visit? Toledo, like all tourist destinations, has a peak and off-peak season. Peak season means that there will be more people visiting, and prices might be higher for your airfare and hotel […]


What is the weather like in Toledo Spain?

The summer months The summer months, which I consider to be June, July, and August are naturally the hottest months of the year here in Toledo. But let’s face it. It is probably hot in the summer where you live, and it is hot during the summer in Toledo as well. Toledo, and Madrid as […]


Guide to Shopping in Toledo Spain

Shopping in a new country, or city can be an exciting as well as an important part of your trip. And here, in Toledo, there is good shopping as well. What are the types of stores you will find in Toledo? Apparel Gifts/Souvenirs Crafts Damascene jewelry Knife stores Marzipan bakeries Sword shops Whether you go […]


Where can I buy convent sweets in Toledo?

  Throughout its history, Toledo has been famous for three things. Swords, damascene ware, and marzipan. Today the marzipan in Toledo is most often purchased at traditional bakeries and pastry shops in Plaza de Zocodover and along the Calle del Comercio. But you can still buy the delicious sweets from the source-the convent itself. I did some […]


Is Toledo Spain Walkable?

The historic city of Toledo Spain is located on a hill and surrounded on three sides by a river. It’s location provided a natural defense system protecting it’s inhabitants. But in modern times, many visitors often wonder if Toledo is a walkable city due to its hilly location. In short, yes Toledo Spain is walkable. […]