Does Toledo Spain have any Michelin starred restaurants?

I love to eat, and I love finding new places and new food to enjoy. I enjoy food…plain and simple. You might be researching your trip to Toledo and asking the same question that I asked when I moved here “Does Toledo Spain have any Michelin starred restaurants?”

One of the best things about visiting Toledo Spain is being able to enjoy some of the most amazing cuisines in the world. With it´s choice of traditional dishes to the most avant-guard offerings, Toledo has earned its reputation thanks to skilled chefs, fresh ingredients and an infinite variety of ways to prepare each dish. Let´s take a look at the Michelin starred restaurants of Toledo Spain.

The community of Castilla-La Mancha has more than 33 Michelin starred restaurants, with 3 of those restaurants in the historic district of Toledo.


The restaurant, located in the historic center of Toledo, occupies two different buildings: a Mudejar house from the 9th century and a later one from the 12th century.

La Orza

La Orza is located right in the heart of Toledo’s Jewish quarter, next to the Iglesia de Santo Tomé, the El Greco Museum and the El Tránsito Synagogue.

Iván Cerdeño

As de Espadas

Restaurant with a modern atmosphere, located in the Santa Barbara neighborhood, opposite the AVE train station.

Combines light, space and a high level of comfort, and offers a traditional based menu with quality products.

Address: Paseo de la Rosa, 64, 45006 Toledo

Colección Catedral

An avant-garde space to taste and purchase gourmet products. Located in the center of Toledo, just in front of the Cathedral, in a building dating from 1924. It has two floors and houses high tables around which fifty people can sit. In the upper part there is an open kitchen, in full view of the public, with central bars where the waiter approaches the client and not the other way around.


Located on the side of the river, so it treasures good views of it and the cigarrals on the other side. Rustic exterior, classic interior and traditional cuisine.

El Carmen de Montesión

This gastronomic restaurant is just a few minutes from Toledo. Spaciousness combines with attractively maintained facilities and a rustic yet classic feel. It serves traditionally based cuisine whose roots are firmly anchored in the region of La Mancha. The focus is on carefully selected ingredients, contemporary dishes and meticulous presentation.