Free things to do in Toledo Spain

Whether you are backpacking with a limited budget, or visiting the city on a day trip, there are ways you can save money and still experience this ancient walled city.

Let’s take a look at some free things to do in Toledo Spain.

Take an incredible bridge walk

If you have the time, and the ability, one of the most amazing free things to do in Toledo is to take a free bridge walk.

The Roman era Puente de Alcantara (Alcantara Bridge) enters the city from the east and the Medieval era Puente de San Martín (St. Martin Bridge) enters the city from the west.

By following this route, you will have the opportunity to see see both bridges, and to see the city from a completely different perspective, the Mirador del Valle which is arguably the best view of Toledo.

Your journey will begin at the Puente de Alcantara, which is open to both vehicles and pedestrians.

And  you will walk follow the Ronda de Toledo, the main 2 lane road that circumvents Toledo to the south.

There is a sidewalk on the city facing side on the road, and there are some hills to walk up.

But the views and the experience of seeing the city from this vantage point are well worth the effort.

Once you pass the Puente de Alacantabra, if you look closely up and to the left, you will see the remnants of the ancient Roman aqueduct that once supplied water to Toletum, the latin name for the city during the Roman Empire days.

You can either re-enter the city at the Puente de San Martín (accessible only to pedestrians) or continuing along the road.

Walking uphill you will pass another famous landmark of Toledo, the Puerta de Bisagra.

Here you can stop and take photographs of the gate, and cross over to the Parque de La Vega and enjoy some churros!

This park also has public restrooms, which is very important to know when the need arises.

Once you finish your churros and coffee, stop by and see another Toledo landmark the Hospital de Tavera, which is just a few minutes walk on the opposite end of the the park.

After taking photographs there, you can re-enter the city thru the Puerta de Bisagra and head uphill back to Plaza de Zocodover.

Or you can walk downhill to complete the journey back to the Puente de Alcantara.

Be sure to bring a water bottle and a sun protection hat for your journey!

Go walking on Toledo’s nature trail

Millions of people visit Toledo Spain each year, and sometimes the narrow cobblestone streets can become nearly impassable due to the shear amount of visitors in the Casco Historico (Historic Quarter).

A nice escape from this, and one of the best ways to see a different perspective of Toledo is to walk its 4.3 mile long (7km) nature trail (ecological path) thru the river canyone and enjoy spectacular views of the city and the Tagus River.


The trail section is paved almost in its entirety although there are certain sections that are dirt trails but they are still very easy to access. In fact it’s often used by many local people from Toledo to walk or jog.

The route is perfect to do with children: there are no cars, no vehicles and it is totally protected and signposted at all times.

One of the advantages of doing this route is that you can admire the city of Toledo from another point of view, get to new places and have a different and very impressive perspective of the city.

In addition, it is a perfect route for bird watching (ducks, cormorants, herons, gulls, coots, martinetes and fish).

At any time, if you get tired, you can leave the route and continue your excursion through the streets of the city of Toledo. There are multiple accesses to this route from various points in the city.

Note: The is part of a larger trail system, el Camino Natural del Tajo, the 621 mile (1000km) trail that follows the entire course of the Tajo river.

Explore all the city gates of Toledo

Go shopping at the free street market

Held on each Tuesday, the free street market in Toledo is open to everyone.