Map of Toledo Spain: Download and plan your trip!

Sightseeing tourist map of the historic district Toledo Spain

I hope that you find this downloadable PDF tourist map of Toledo Spain to be helpful.

Plan Your Walking Route in Toledo

Toledo Spain’s historic district is a charming labyrinth complete with hills, twists, and turns. While getting lost can be an exciting adventure unto itself, it is best to plan ahead and be informed when you are choosing your walking route.

And to help you plan your walking route, I’ve added a tourist map complete with outstanding information such as: location of museums and monuments, prices and schedules, tourist services, telephone numbers, transport, etc.

Click the Download button below to download the complete tourist map of Toledo Spain!

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Getting Around Toledo Spain

Spain has a well developed public transportation system, and Toledo is no exception.

If you are visiting Toledo and are planning to use (or would like to use) a bus, taxi, or even the public escalators during your visit be sure to check out the guide I wrote about using public transportation in Toledo Spain. You can find the guide here.

Is Toledo Spain Walkable?

Toledo is a walkable city. The historic district is located on top of a hill, which means you will encounter many inclines, declines, and steps throughout the city, especially if you venture off into the narrow, maze-like sidestreets.

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