Most Instagrammable Places in Toledo Spain

All around the city, there are perfect photo opportunities that will fill your Instagram feed with gorgeous city landmarks, pieces of culture, art, nature, and more. Here’s a list of some of the most Instagrammable places in Toledo Spain, along with other top scenic viewpoints as well.

Mirador Del Valle

No trip to Toledo is complete without visiting the Mirador del Valle. From this viewpoint, you look across the Tagus River with Toledo’s historic district in the background. If you are short on time take a taxi to the Mirador del Valle, or better yet walk and enjoy the spectacular views along the way.

Zocodover Plaza

Zocodover Plaza greets you when you first visit and it is the heart and soul of Toledo. Originally designed as a no man’s land to protect a Roman palace, Zocodover Plaza has served many purposes over the years. Definitely the best place in Toledo to just sit and people watch. Be sure to check out the images of Miguel de Cervantes’s novel “Don Quixote” on the park benches.

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Step up your game

There is something about a good staircase that makes a photograph interesting. Repetition, patterns, whatever it is. Toledo was built on top of a rocky outcropping, so there are a ton of staircases all throughout the historic district.

Puerta del Sol

The Puerta del Sol is located on the north side of Toledo’s historic district. What was originally a simple first-century Roman tower was modified and strengthened by the Muslims. In the late 14th century the Puerta del Sol had become one of the most important entrances to Toledo. Further modifications were made in the 16th and 17th centuries.

I wrote this article to help you discover the other gates in Toledo.

Statue of Cervantes

Miguel de Cervantes is widely known as the greatest author in the Spanish language. His most celebrated work, Don Quixote, was set in the La Mancha region of Spain and is regarded as the first modern novel. It is considered by some to be the greatest novel ever written. The monument to Cervantes is just a few steps away from Zocodover Plaza. Locate the clock and look towards the Arco de la Sangre (Blood Arch) and go down the stairs. You will see many souvenirs dedicated to the characters in his novel Don Quixote.

The Cathedral


It took 267 years to build what is considered to be the finest example of Gothic architecture in Spain. Built on the site of a former Islamic mosque, construction of the Cathedral began in 1226 and was finally finished in 1493. The Cathedral is a very popular day-trip destination and is one of the things you must see when you visit Toledo.

The Eagle of Toledo

Federico Martín Bahamontes was born in Toledo and was the first Spaniard to win the Tour de France. Known as the “Eagle of Toledo” for the way he flew up the mountains, his tactic was “attack, attack, and attack again from start to finish” (source). Bahamontes is regarded by many as the greatest climber in cycling history.

Puerta de Bisagra


Puerta de Bisagra is the most famous of all the city gates of Toledo. It has the wow factor, and I highly recommend when you first visit Toledo that you pass through this gate first before proceeding uphill to the historic district.

Off the Beaten Path


Awww what a cute dog! Looking past the picture of the pup, you will notice that when you get off the beaten path, Toledo has a ton of natural beauty to offer. You can follow the greenway trail around Toledo, it takes about an hour to walk from the Alcantara bridge on the east to the San Martin Bridge on the west. Or cross over to the other side of the river valley and slip down to the riverside and get some spectacular views.

The Cobertizos


One of the most typical and characteristic buildings of the city of Toledo are the cobertizos, or the so-called “sheds”. They became popular during the middles ages, allowing access between buildings on opposite sides of the streets.

The Alcazar

Monument and museum

The Alcazar dominates the skyline, and it is one of the most iconic monuments of Toledo. Constructed on the highest part of Toledo, on the same ground that once contained a third-century Roman palace. The Alcazar has been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times during its history, and now it is home to the regional library and a military museum.

The Alcazar of Toledo, Calle de la Paz, s/n, 45001 Toledo, + 34 925 23 88 00

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Santa Maria la Blanca

Santa Maria la Blanca, built in the year 1180, is considered the oldest synagogue building in Europe still standing. Now it is owned and maintained by the Catholic Church and functions as a museum. What makes Santa Maria la Blanca unique is the Mudejar style. It was constructed under the Christian rule by Islamic architects for Jewish use.

Fly Toledo

For all you adrenaline junkies, Toledo has something right up your alley. Fly Toledo is an urban zipline located on the west side of Toledo, traveling across the Tagus river valley and parallel to the medieval San Martin bridge. It’s a can’t miss if you are a thrill-seeker.

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