Get Away From the Tourists and Enjoy the Nature of Toledo

About 2 million people visit Toledo Spain each year, and sometimes the narrow cobblestone streets can become nearly impassable due to the shear amount of visitors in the Casco Historico (Historic Quarter).

A nice escape from this, and one of the best ways to see a different perspective of  Toledo  is to walk its ecological path and enjoy  spectacular views of the city and the Tagus River .

The La Senda Ecológica de Toledo (The Ecological Path of Toledo) starts at the bridge of Alcantara  and reaches the San Martín bridge. A total of about 7 kilometers of fully conditioned and accessible route for both baby strollers and wheelchairs.

The route borders the city of Toledo and follows the course of the Tagus River thru the river canyon.

The road is paved almost in its entirety although there are certain sections that are trails but very easy to access.

One of the advantages of doing this route is that we can admire the city of Toledo from another point of view, knowing new places and having a different and very impressive perspective of the city. We will come across some very beautiful corners and we will be able to enjoy the views and the silence at all times.

The ecological path is used by many people from Toledo to walk or jog. In addition, it is a perfect route for bird watching (ducks, cormorants, herons, gulls, coots, martinetes and fish). Do not forget the camera and binoculars!

The route is perfect to do with children: there are no cars, no vehicles and it is totally protected and signposted at all times.

During the trip we can enjoy a walk among the river canyons. In some parts, this route is almost cantilevered in the rocks which gives it a much more adventurous and fun touch. We must be careful with the barriers of the river margin, so that the children do not run through them or climb and can tip over.


At any time, if we are tired, we can leave the route and continue our excursion through the narrow streets of the city of Toledana. There are multiple accesses to this route from various points in the city.

A different and very nice way to get to know the city of  Toledo , enjoying the culture and nature in equal parts.