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Discover the city gates of Toledo Spain

The city of Toledo is surrounded by an impressive wall that was built by the Romans, modified by the Visigoths, enlarged by the Muslims and rebuilt by the Christians. Over time, as each culture influenced Toledo, it’s size grew and the defensive walls were expanded outward to the position we can see today. As the […]


Is Toledo Spain Walkable?

The historic city of Toledo Spain is located on a hill and surrounded on three sides by a river. It’s location provided a natural defense system protecting it’s inhabitants. But in modern times, many visitors often wonder if Toledo is a walkable city due to its hilly location. In short, yes Toledo Spain is walkable. […]


What Are the Typical Tapas in Toledo Spain?

For me, at first, eating out at a local Spanish bar or restaurant was a completely different experience than what I was accustomed to.   It is my belief that in Spain, the experience of being with your friends and family, and enjoying those moments together, mean just as much or more than the food does. […]


Toledo Spain Parking: A Helpful Illustrated Guide

Planning your trip to Toledo, a parking lot can be more than simply just a place to leave your car. A parking space is also the setting off point for your adventure. Depending on where you park, you can see and experience completely different perspectives of the local life in Toledo Spain.  Let’s take a […]

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Where to buy Marzipan in Toledo Spain

If you love eating sweets, or if you have a family member that love sweets, then your taste buds will be delighted that you are planning a trip to Toledo. And after researching and planning your trip, you have no doubt seen and read all about a delicious treat call marzipan, and you are now […]

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What food is Toledo Spain known for?

Probably one of the most common questions people ask me is about food. Friends, family, heck even tourists I meet while walking in the streets commonly ask me the same question “So what food is Toledo known for?” Toledo was the 2016 Spanish Capital of Gastronomy, and for good reason. It boasts several Michelin starred restaurants, as well as […]

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Guide to The World Famous Toledo Spain Swords

What is a Toledo sword? A Toledo sword was a sword produced in Toledo Spain during the 15th to the late 20th century. By using a unique forging method, including both the design and ergonomics, the Toledo sword makers produced a blade, using Toledo steel, that was renowned for its strength, flexibility and durability. What […]

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Unique things to do in Toledo Spain

After living in Toledo for some time, I felt like I had already seen most of the mainstream tourist attractions. I was always in search of something different, and you might be asking the same question, “What are some unique things to do in Toledo Spain?” Toledo has a ton of history – monuments, cathedrals, […]