Where Should You Eat in Toledo Spain?

Toledo offers visitors a wide assortment of dining experiences. From the typical regional and local dishes to Michelin starred restaurants, you will not be disappointed with the food in Toledo. Let’s take a closer look at the restaurants in Toledo.

Whether you’re looking to splurge on a fusion meal by a Michelin starred restaurant, or you’re on the hunt for the best hamburger, there’s something for everyone.

Ready to chow down? Here is where you can find the best food in Toledo!

Best Fusion Restaurant

If you are a foodie you can’t visit Toledo without diving headlong into hip fusion food. Toledo earned the title of Spain’s Capital of Gastronomy in 2016 and y’all, let me tell you, you need to check out Clandestina de las Tendillas with its Salmon Tataki dish: salmon, ponzu sauce, seaweed salad, and cherry confiture with soy, ginger, and pickled daikon.

Down for something a bit more spicy? Then kick it up a notch with the Thai Salad complete with spicy prawns, wasabi peanuts and papaya.

They even put a fusion spin on two of my absolute favorite traditional local Spanish foods: croquettes and patatas bravas. The Croquetas are homemade with gorgonzola cheese and membrillo. The Patata Bravas are a definite appetizer.

Best Tapas Restaurant

Tapas are one of the cornerstones of tbe Spanish lifestyle. Nothing compares to going out for tapas with friends and family.

For an American looking for a unique tapas experience in Toledo, swing by Lizarran and order from their selection of pinchos. You will have your choice of cold pinchos or warm pinchos, or both! The cold pinchos

Best View

Located outside the city walls and across the river, Restaurante Hierbabuena offers some of the most incredible views, especially at sunset.

Best Breakfast

La cervecería El Trébol

La cervecería El Trébol in Toledo Spain

One of my personal favorites that came recommended to me is El Trébol and it’s Pincho de Tortilla and Ensalada Rusa. If you are visiting Toledo Spain and you are hungry for some high quality tapas, then you should seriously consider stopping by La cervecería El Trébol.

El Trébol is located where an Islamic fortress once stood, and during the construction of the restaurant they discovered evidence of the first humans to live in Toledo from 1500-1000 BC, and two Roman wells were uncovered as well. The floor above the wells is glass, so you can look down and see the Roman artifacts.

Roman artifacts inside La cervecería El Trébol in Toledo Spain
Roman water well inside La cervecería El Trébol in Toledo Spain

Roman water well inside La cervecería El Trébol in Toledo Spain

Best Hamburger


Sometimes I want to just throw down on a good old fashioned hamburger, and my favorite place to eat a hamburger in Toledo is La Abadia where they have a delicious all-beef hamburger that comes topped with tomato, bacon, cheese, pickles, and lime mayonnaise.

La Abadia, located in what once was a 16th palace, is a favorite of the locals. Not only for their hamburgers but for their other menu items as well. and it has some really cool architectural features.

Colección Catedral – Grupo Adolfo

This restaurant is located up the hill from the Cathedral.

Dehesa De Majazul – La Perdiz

Close to:

  • The Cathedral
  • El Greco Museum

This wine bar/gourmet shop/casual dining venue, at Reyes Católicos, 7, lies within close proximity of the Cathedral, and is just a few minutes walk from the El Greco Museum.

There is also a delicatessen where visitors can shop for gourmet gifts such as artesian cheese, honey, olive oil and wine.


Open from 9:00 am to midnight.

Closed Sunday nights and Monday.

Tel: (+34) 925 229 905 / 626 685 171

Los Cuatro Tiempos Restaurante

Close to:

  • The Cathedral
  • The Manchego Cheese Museum

This popular spot in a 16th-century building at Calle Sixto Ramón Parro, 5, serves a good value menú del día at 19€.


Open daily for lunch from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm and for dinner Monday-Saturday from 8:30 to 11:00 pm.

Tel: (+34) 925 223 782

La Orza

La Orza is situated in the heart of the Jewish Quarter of Toledo, next to the Iglesia de Santo Tomé and close to the El Greco Museum.

The traditional dishes lomo de orza, which is pork tenderloin.


Open Monday-Saturday for lunch from 1:30 to 4:00 pm and for dinner from 8:30 to 10:30 pm.

Closed Sunday evening. Tel: (+34) 925 223 011


Mercado de San Agustin

Mercado de San Agustin in Toledo Spain

8. La Mar Sala

La Mar Sala is a small beautiful restaurant located in the Las Covachuelas neighborhood and a 15-minute walk from Plaza de Zocodover.

As the name implies, La Mar Sala specializes in fish and seafood. But don’t come here thinking this will be like going to your local Long John Silver’s restaurant or your local fish and chips shop.

One of the most popular items at La Mar Sala is the Tasting Menu (Menú Degustación).

9. Venta de Aires

This traditional restaurant in the center of Toledo, at Paseo Circo Romano, 35, has been a meeting place for hunters and gourmands for 128 years (1891) and is the oldest restaurant in Castilla-La Mancha. Chef Ignacio Díaz de la Cuerda offers an excellent 3-course 22€ menu del dia. Open daily from 1:30 pm to 11:30 pm. Recommended in the Repsol Guide for 2019. Tel: (+34) 925 220 545 Dehesa De Majazul – La Perdiz

10. Restaurante La Ermita

A NY Times article by Dale Fuchs recommended this restaurant for cliff side dining in the storehouse of a 15th century sanctuary but with modern decor.

It’s found on the Carretera de Circunvalación on the road leading up to the Parador.

Specialties include black rice with baby clams and artichokes, venison medallions served with a teriyaki sauce, puff pastry cones filled with cream cheese and ice cream.

Open for lunch from 1:30 to 5:30 and for dinner from 8:45 to 12:30. Kitchen closes at 11:00. Closed Sunday night and all day Monday.