5 Travel Accessory “Must-Haves”

A Travel Wallet (preferably with RFID blocking)

The fear of being pickpocketed and losing your money as well as you passport and other valuables is probably one of the things travelers feel the most anxious about.

The phrase “out of sight out of mind” is true when it comes to traveling. And keeping your valuables hidden from plain view and close to your body will give you peace of mind as well as making you less of an easy target for pick-pockets.

A good travel wallet like this one available from Amazon should have enough room to allow you to store your money, passports, cell phone, hotel card keys, and train tickets, and yet still be thin enough to wear under your clothes.

And you don’t necessarily have to be traveling abroad to use it, as you will even find it useful back home anytime you travel and desire to keep your valuables hidden from view.

Be Prepared

 What is the one thing that everyone does and sometimes you might find yourself in a less than desirable environment when the need arises? Yes, using the bathroom. And I can tell you from personal experience that most of the bathrooms you will come across when travelling abroad will probably not be up to the standards you are used to back home. Among other things, toilet paper is hit or miss when it comes to being available in public restrooms, so goes without saying, pick up some travel wipes like these on Amazon and put a few into your bag while you are exploring the city.

A Luggage Scale

I learned the hard way that not having a luggage scale can be a very costly lesson to learn. There is nothing worse to be at the airport and ready to travel only find out your packed suitcase is over the weight limit. And it seems the fees for overweight luggage keep going up every year.

I still enjoyed my trip, but the memory of shelling out that extra money was painful. I learned a valuable lesson and I purchased a luggage scale like this one and never once again worried about overweight luggage.

A Good Suitcase

The first trip that I ever took I borrowed a suitcase from a friend that must have been from the 1980’s. It served it’s purpose, but modern suitcases are the only way to fly.

There are many brands out there for sale these days, with a wide range of prices. Suitcases come in all colors, patterns, and styles and they are an expression of your personality. I like to have a brighter colored suitcase because it is easier to see as it travels around the luggage carousel.

They come with a hard or soft case, and both have their advantages so it really just depends on your use.

Another feature that is nice, especially when you are standing in line is spinner wheels. The only downfall that I ever saw with spinner wheels is they might make the overall size of your suitcase slightly larger.

Before you purchase your new luggage, make sure that you check with your airline regarding their weight and size guidelines for checked and carry on bags.

I like the 19 inch size like this one available at Amazon for a carry on, it works well so far and I have not ran into any issues with putting it into overhead bins in planes or public transportation.

Bring An Umbrella

When planning for your trip to that fun filled destination be sure to also think about the weather. Getting soaked is a sure way to dampen a fun filled trip. And based on the amount of wet tourists that I see when it rains, I feel like a lot of people are overlooking this simple step in their travel planning – pack an umbrella.

You are not going to need that giant golf umbrella, so leave that at home. Pick up a compact one like this umbrella from Amazon and you will be good to go in case a shower pops up during your trip.