Where is the Tuesday street market in Toledo?


Street markets have been an important part of Toledo since ancient times. 

El Mercardo de Martes (The Tuesdays Market) has been in operation since the Muslim era and is mentioned in historical documents dated from the year 1176.  

On April 21 1465 king Enrique IV declared that on every Tuesday of the year, there will be a free (no tax required) market available to all citizens. This was eventually confirmed through Royal Decree by the Catholic Monarchs on March 3 1475. 

Originally held in Plaza de Zocodover, the market is now held outside the city walls in the Parque de la Vega. Most items for sale are new clothing, shoes, jewelry and household goods, with an occasional vendor selling food. 

There are several bars with outdoor seating located on the main road (Paseo de Merchán), but most of them are closed during the winter months. 


Parque de la Vega is conveniently located between the Puerta de Bisagra and the Hospital de Tavera.  


El Mercardo de Martes (The Tuesdays Market) 

Where: Parque de la Vega  

When: Tuesday of every week. From 9AM until 1PM. Note: Some vendors are completely setup at 9AM, however some will not be completely setup until around 10AM.

Cost: Free. Open to everyone 


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