What Are the Typical Tapas in Toledo Spain?

For me, at first, eating out at a local Spanish bar or restaurant was a completely different experience than what I was accustomed to.  

It is my belief that in Spain, the experience of being with your friends and family, and enjoying those moments together, mean just as much or more than the food does.

What you eat  sometimes is not as important as the time you enjoy with loved ones.

Tapas, the typical appetizer of Spanish cuisine, are a perfect example of this. Served hot or cold, and prepared with varying degrees of complexity, are a great way to experience a Spanish cuisine.

Some tapas are very creative, some or simply sliced cured meat, and some or fried foods that were either handmade or previously frozen.

Let´s take a look at some examples of different tapas that you will not only find in Toledo, but in the rest of Spain as well.



The croqueta is very simple food, with few ingredients, but what it lacks in complexity it makes up for in taste.

A Spanish croqueta usually consists of either ham,  chicken, mushroom,  cod, or shrimp.

And everyone that you meet in Spain has an opinion as to who makes the best croquetas, typically their mother or grandmother.

The Best Croquette in the World

While you are in Toledo, you should venture out of the historic district and check out the restaurant Tobiko. According to this article, chef Javier Ugidos won the International Competition for the Best Croquette in the World.

As I mentioned, Tobiko is not in the historic district of Toledo. It is located about 3 miles from Zocodover Plaza in one of Toledo’s residential neighborhoods. It’s easy enough to get to though, you can either walk or use my guide to public transportation in Toledo to take a bus or cab to the restaurant.

Now, if you go to a bar in Toledo, or elsewhere in Spain, you might end up ordering tapas and they will open up a bag of frozen croquetas and serve them to you, as not all bars have the time, resources, or financial abilities to hand make all their products.

But that is ok, as I mentioned before, the food is more about bringing you and your loved ones together than anything else.

Patatas bravas

Tortilla espanola


Patatas Alioli