What Tapas are Typical in Toledo Spain? (And Where to Buy Them)

Going out to eat tapas is one of the best ways you can experience the Spanish lifestyle. In fact, it is one of the activities that you need to do while visiting Toledo!

Tapas that you will typically find in Toledo Spain are:

  • Croquettes (Croquetas)
  • Manchego cheese (Queso de Manchego)
  • Potato Omelet (Tortilla de patata)
  • Spicy potatoes (Patatas bravas)
  • Olives (Aceitunas)
  • Cured ham (Jamon Serrano / Iberico)
  • Patatas aioli

What Are Tapas?

Tapas are a small dish of something you can eat. It might even be a smaller version of an item that is on the menu.

Depending on where you go the tapa might even be free if you buy a drink. Buy a drink, get a tapa. Buy another drink, get another tapa!

It’s often said that there are more ways to make tapas than there are chefs in Spain.

Everyone has a different recipe, and the same tapa you buy at one restaurant might taste completely different than at a bar down the street.

What Tapas Are Typical in Toledo Spain?

Croquetas (Croquettes)


What Is a Croqueta?

Croquetas are a staple tapa offered at bars and restaurants in Spain. The website Expatica considers them to be one of the Top 10 Spanish Foods and I agree 100%!

You can find Spanish a plate of croquetas in almost any restaurant or bar, each made to the establishment’s own recipe

What Are Croquetas Made From?

In Spain, croquetas are typically made from a mixture of béchamel (milk, flour, butter) and a filling such as ham, cod, chicken, mushrooms, or cheese.

The mixture is then formed and dipped in eggs, coated with breadcrumbs, and deep-fried in sunflower or olive oil.

Behind the crispy golden exterior is a soft, creamy mixture that will surely delight anyone’s tastebuds!

Where to Buy Croquettes in Toledo Spain?

Check out Korokke and dive into a plate of croquettes!

Address: Plaza Capuchinas, 2, 45002 Toledo

Phone: 925 25 59 14

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Patatas Bravas (Spicy Potatoes)

What Are Patatas Bravas?

Patatas bravas is a tapa served at bars all over Toledo. Potatoes are cut up into irregular chunks (but roughly the same size) and then fried in oil. A “spicy” sauce is then poured on the top of the potatoes.

They are served on a plate and are typically eaten with a toothpick or a fork. Dig in!

What Are the Typical Ingredients in Patatas Bravas?

There is no official original recipe for this tapa, but typically the ingredients for patatas bravas will include potatoes, olive oil, tomato sauce, paprika, onions, garlic, salt, and flour.

Where to Buy Patata Bravas in Toledo Spain?

Tortilla de Patata (Potato Omelet)

Aceitunas (Olives)

This tapa might seem really simple, but locals love to eat olives as a snack or as an appetizer.

Go into any bar in Toledo and chances are you will get a small plate of olives for free with your glass of wine or beer.

The most common olive that bars in Toledo serve are manzanilla olives.

Patatas Aioli

Queso Manchego (Manchego Cheese)

Attention all cheese lovers!

Spain is a cheese lovers paradise. And Castilla-La Mancha, the region which includes the province of Toledo, is home to the world famous manchego cheese.

What Is Manchego cheese?

Manchego cheese is an aged, hard cheese made exclusively from the milk of the Manchega sheep, a breed common to the La Mancha area of central Spain.

Where to Buy Manchego Cheese Tapas?