When is the Best Season to Visit Toledo Spain?

While planning for your trip to Toledo, one of the first things you are probably researching is when is the best time to visit?

Toledo, like all tourist destinations, has a peak and off-peak season.

Peak season means that there will be more people visiting, and prices might be higher for your airfare and hotel accommodations.

During the off-peak season, there will be fewer people visiting and your airfare and hotel expenses might be lower.

Both peak season and off-peak season have their positive and negative aspects.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of each season and how you can enjoy the best that each season has to offer.

These periods are determined by both the weather as well as some specific events that attract thousands of visitors.

When is the peak season in Toledo?

The peak tourist season in Toledo runs from March to June.

There are several advantages to visiting Toledo during the peak season.

One advantage is something everyone is always concerned about when visiting Spain – the weather.

What is the weather like during peak season?

For me, being a resident of Toledo, the weather from March to June really is the most comfortable of all the months.

You are getting to experience the tail end of spring and the beginning of summer so it’s not too hot during the day, and not too chilly at night.

Are there any special events that occur during peak season?

Corpus Christi

The Corpus Christi celebration is the biggest event that occurs in Toledo, and it also occurs during the peak season.

It is a religious holiday, and thousands of people from all over come to view the religious procession as well as to see the numerous activities that occur here that week.

During this week, you will get to see Toledo’s historic district decorated in a completely different manner than it normally appears during the rest of the year.

A protective canvas is hung high above the streets, protecting pedestrians below from the weather.

The historic district also undergoes as makeover as well, as well aged tapestries are hung from all the windows of Plaza de Zocodover.

The courtyard contest

If you are like me and you enjoy watching travel shows about people moving to different countries, you also might like something else that only happens this week.

Private citizens open up their courtyards and put them on display.

Each year a contest is held for the best courtyard, and this is an incredible chance to get behind the doors and see how local people really enjoy their relaxing spaces. Normally as you wander through the side streets of Toledo you can just get a glimpse of these courtyards, if you can even see them at all.

But during this week the owners decorate them and invite visitors inside to take a look.

This is definitely one of my favorite, most unique things to do during the Corpus Christi week.

When is the off-peak in Toledo?

The off-season in Toledo is generally July to the beginning of March.

What is the weather like during the off-peak season?

The weather during the off-peak season depends a lot on the months that you are planning to visit

The off-peak summer months in Toledo

The summer months of July and August it goes without saying that they are the hottest months to visit.

The bonus of coming during the hotter summer months, in August in particular, is that most of the local population has left the city to go on vacation to the beach for the entire month.

This means that you will be able to enjoy shorter lines at the sights and attractions that Toledo has to offer, and fewer people will be walking in the streets.

But some of the local shops might also be closed for the entire month as well.

Just something to keep in mind.

The off-peak winter months in Toledo

The winter months in Toledo can be relatively nice during the daytime, and with highs into the upper 50’s F, it makes for a really nice walk through the city.

But the early morning can be cold, and as the temperature drops off quickly in the evening the nights can be cold as well.

December and January can also be cold, wet, and drizzly. If you are planning to visit during these months be sure to pack clothes for your trip accordingly.

And be sure to bring an umbrella. It sounds like a simple thing, but after seeing countless soaking wet tourists walking the streets I think it is something that is probably the most overlooked.

You don’t need one of those giant golf umbrellas either, the streets are too small for that and there are too many people walking for an over-sized umbrella.

Just get something like this compact windproof umbrella from Amazon and stash it away in your luggage or backpack.